Chia Symbol

Philosophy Royal Private Coach

our vision 

„Vision is the arts to see the invisible“
our main goal is that every person is aware of his uniqueness, wealth, talents and own potential. The logo is an ancient symbol, it represents family or home in Mandarin/Chinese. Our focus is all about professional and friendly services, supporting our personal trainers and clients reaching their highest level. To guarantee this approach we limit the quantity of our trainers and clients. In this way all services will always stay personal and professional. It is all about health, well being, consciousness and success. 


our mission 

"Humanity is much more important than profit"
we help our clients to find and live their vision, mission and determination. For this purpose we activate energy potentials and bring awareness through physical training, relaxation techniques and life coaching. In order to maintain physical and mental health and a high quality of life. For this purpose we promote our personal trainers, wellness experts and life coaches, share our profits with them and give business opportunities. It is all about strengthening and improving our clients and trainers lives, physical and spiritual well being, it is all about YOU. 


our determination 

"Creating a worldwide community"
the project "Royal Private Coach" is future orientated. Our determination is helping people to live a happy and successful life. Focus is setting a new standard of loyal and optimized team work. Furthermore we will invest and promote social & arts projects, ecological living and organizations, bringing education and first help with food, cloth and medical care.