Personal Trainer Patrick

Patrick (Personal Trainer Marbella)

I am Patrick, a personal trainer certified by the American Council of Exercise (ACE). My passion for sport evolved during early adolescence. During my stays in different countries, I not only worked as a ski instructor but also discovered my passion for hockey, cricket, golf and american football. As my foundation, I dedicated my special attention to weightlifting. My physical, as well as my health progress started to be recognised by others, and so I began to share my knowledge and became a personal trainer. My philosophy is based, not only on losing body fat and building muscle, but also on creating a healthy mind in a healthy body "mens sana in corpore sano" . 

My previous work experiences, including  golfers who want to improve their swing, teenagers getting fit for the next football match, or anyone simply seeking overall health, enabled me to acquire significant and substantial knowledge in different training techniques. These include mobility, agility, strength and speed which are now my tools for success. Adjusted in the right way, my clients can improve health and fitness and set new goals. Furthermore, I am also a certified golf conditioning specialist. I am fully equipped to offer one-on-one training as well as group training, whether it be at a gym or in the comfort of my client´s place of stay. Everything will be adjusted to your wishes.

I speak: English, Español, Deutsch, Polski


Personal Trainer Luisa

Luisa (Personal Trainer Madrid)


I am a passionate coach who found her vocation through fitness and helping others to be the best version of themselves. Since I was very little I started playing different sports like swimming, softball, off road cycling and running, but my real crush was when I started  training at the gym and martial arts.  I believe that the best way to get the best results is through developing good relationships and best communication in order to understand how the body and mind work, and of course, by having a good time during the sessions! 

Your commitment is my commitment too, I will make sure that we succeed together as a strong team, remember, it is all about the right mindset! In the past couple of years I have specialized in fat loss programs and empowering females to be stronger and not being afraid of growing muscle  by getting amazing results providing nutrition plans and intense training/coaching. I am constantly learning and trying new systems by myself to be able to provide the best knowledge and techniques with my clients. It is also very important to find the right balance in your body. For me it is important to monitore your training process with regular check ups, doing measurements and keeping track of any change and progress. 

I speak: Español and English


Personal Trainer Jürgen

Jürgen (int. Personal Trainer Marbella, Corporate Fitness Organisation)

As a personal trainer I set the focus of my profession on holistic coaching and effective strategies for vitalisation, strength development, weight loss, relaxation and life balance. In my sessions you will achieve your goals quickly, healthy and with a lot of fun. 15 years of experience as a personal trainer refined my style. After all this time and profound experience in the fitness industry I am still more than enthusiastic about my work as a personal trainer, the success of our customers and the advantages of individual 1:1 Private Sessions. 

After my studies I lived from 2005-2007 in India. In this time I learned ancient yoga and found my way, that made it my mission to create Royal Private Coach and to establish a global team of high professional coaches. I am evaluated and listed at EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals). References: Body & Soul, Boston Consulting, Stratley, BMW, Aristo, Munich Gym, etc.

University: Health & Sports Science Munich, Fitness & Personal Trainer Training (BSA München), one-year Yoga Teacher Training (India), Health Coach, Instructor for back exercise and prevention.


Personal Trainer Emily

Emily (Personal Trainer Barcelona, part time Marbella)

I am a holistic personal trainer and wellness coach from Vancouver (Canada) with over 10 years of experience in fitness, now living and training in beautiful Barcelona.  I began my career as a professional dancer, choreographer, and instructor in Canada & USA and these experiences in movement and the body helped me discover my love for wellness and fitness. In 2008, I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Kinesiology & Health Science, and now focus on personal training, group fitness, rehabilitation, and health and wellness coaching.

I enjoy seeing my clients achieve their fitness goals and strive to help them in any way I can. Because of my extensive background, I can apply diverse knowledge and training skillsets to ensure my clients succeed!  I confidently and appropriately modify my training style for each person and I always focus on a healthy, safe, and HOLISTIC approach to health and wellness. Currently, I am also studying again to complete my Diploma and Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy which reflects my holistic lifestyle and core values, i am very happy about this profound knowledge which brings added value to my clients.