Principles of Ayurveda - a way to your perfect health and dream body


It’s no secret that many people across the country and around the world have a hard time staying active or sticking with an exercise routine. One of the main obstacles is that if you’re not naturally drawn toward any sort of moderate fitness training, it can be difficult to find something that keeps your mind, body, and spirit engaged. 

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest forms of healing and wellness, and the main philosophy is that optimal health prioritizes the harmony between mind, body, and spirit. Personal training, life coaching, and maybe additional an ayurvedic consultation with an ayurvdic doctor before training with Royal Private Coach can help achieve this balance and keep you motivated in long term, but first, it’s important to understand the principles of ayurveda and how it can help you live a healthier life. 

First and foremost, ayurveda acknowledges that each body is different and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and nutrition, whether it be your moderate fitness training, yoga practice, or the amount of food you eat. It divides our bodies into three different categories, known as “doshas,” which vary according to size, endurance level, and other factors. Doshas are comprised of the five elements in the universe that make up every living thing: fire, water, space, air, and earth. Each dosha is made up of a couple of these elements, and each person contains different variations of each one. 

The first dosha is the vata, which is made of space and air energies. Vata bodies are the sprinters of the athletic world. Vatas are quick to excel in sport activities due to their speed and agility, which tends to sacrifice their balance. Vatas are eager to try new things, but their bursts of energy tend to compromise their endurance, meaning they often burn out quickly.

The second is pitta, the dosha made of fire and water energies. Pitta bodies are fierce and competitive, excelling in more individual sports that focus on strength and stamina. Their competitive streak gives an advantage when it comes to putting forth maximum effort, but the downside can be the ego-driven tendencies that lead to sore losers. Pitta types excel when they achieve a balance between healthy competition and feeding the ego.

The third is kapha, which is made of water and earth energies. Kapha bodies excel in mind-body coordination and endurance activities. Kaphas are the calmer, more easygoing of the bunch, and if you find that it’s difficult to get the motivation to exercise, do yoga, eat the right amounts of food without going overboard, or detox your body, you may have more kapha qualities. Kaphas are great for team sports, as long as there is a lot of aerobic exercise.

The three bodies are just one component of an ayurvedic lifestyle. Connecting the mind and breath to the physical movements you’re making during exercise is an important part of maintaining healthy joints with ayurvedic treatment, and your Royal Private Coach personal training or life coaching professional will help develop a plan that takes your doshas into consideration and encourages your body to detox, build healthy joints, and grow stronger muscles.

Aside from the three bodies, the ayurvedic lifestyle also focuses on the amount of food you eat each day as well as the water you consume, encouraging natural detox and purification of the body. Additional to your training at Royal Private Coach ayurveda could helpyou to tailor a diet to suit your body type and lifestyle, encouraging your body to reach optimum wellness. If you’re looking for some small ways to implement ayurvedic living into your diet, there are a few small changes you can make to start feeling the differences.

The biggest nutrition philosophy in the ayurvedic lifestyle is to eat the largest meal in the morning, followed by a lighter meal for lunch, and an even lighter meal in the evening. About 8 ounces of water per hour is ideal during the daytime, more if you’re participating in strenuous exercise. Each dosha has different foods that are beneficial to individuals with that body type.

Kapha doshas often suffer from poor circulation, sinus congestion and sluggish digestion, which can lead to weight gain and obesity. For this reason, exercise is critical for kaphas to maintain optimum health. Garlic is one food that is a staple for these types, since it clears the sinuses and promotes healthy digestion.

Pitta doshas are quite durable and can eat just about anything, and their energy level makes it easy to burn it off. Pitta doshas have a tendency to get irritated or angry when off balance, which can lead to anti-inflammatory conditions like headaches as well as poor digestion. For this reason, aloe vera and pomegranate juice are recommended to fight moodiness and lower inflammation, and it’s smart to avoid acidic foods like coffee, alcohol, vinegar, and hot spices. 

Since vata doshas tend to be the most high energy and physically fit, these body types may find it easy to stay slim, but may also struggle with insomnia and fatigue. Vatas should stay away from hard or crunchy foods and focus more on warm, soupy cooked vegetables and stews. To help fight insomnia, a warm spiced milk drink before bed may help.

These are just a few small changes you can make in your daily lifestyle to feel better and introduce ayurvedic therapies to your life. If you’d like to dig deeper into the ayurvedic lifestyle to see how it could benefit you, set up an ayurvedic consultation to help you achieve optimum wellness for the healthiest lifestyle you can lead.