Heike Wanke Life Coach

Heike Wanke

I offer Coachings to all relevant areas of life and my technologies can be applied on every personal subject. It goes to accompany, besides, not only therefore in crises, basically to help and create visions that YOU can find and develope undiscovered potentials to increase YOUR experienced quality of life. Many times my clients come to me with subjects such as:

I do my job already so long, but I would like to have a change, to make something else. 
My children moved out of the house and i am looking for a new task. 
I have concluded my school education and do not know which profession I should take up.

I have lost my job, how can I orientate myself anew? 
I cannot say "no" and am angry later about the fact that I have moved myself in such a situation. 
We argue nearly because of every little thing, do we still belong together, actually?

I have problems with my Boss, he is so rude and doesn`t see my potential. 
I can never relax properly, because I feel always pressure to have to do something. 

I did so much in my life, reached so many goals but fell like I never come to myself. 
Now I would like to make a new step in my life once more, to have a new orientation.
Actually, my life is okay, but there is no spice. 
My partner has left me, how do I create my future anew?



Practise on the Theodor Heuss place in Charlottenburg / talk to Heike Wanke in Berlin or via Skype

YOU can find a solution to your topics in 1:1 Single or Partner Coachings. If we have the chance to see in person also walks could be a great method for your Coachings. Sessions should be 90 to 120 min., after 5-10 Sessions you should be very clear about your goals and the way to realize them.