Quality Management & Team Recruitment

To lead a world class team we select only the best Personal Trainers. They bring highest standards of the fitness and wellness field, university degrees of sports, health and fitness expertise, personal trainer certifications, advanced skills in functional training, cross fit, life balance, human kinetics, e.g. and have a profound foundation and solid experience. Main important is the mission of helping others and having a good heart, a sincere personality and authentic character. The ROYAL PRIVATE COACH concept is a WE PROJECT which is more powerful than single action. Our clients have the choice to book worldwide, train in different cities and get all services out of one hand.

After 2 years our trainers can pass an exam to become a MASTER TRAINER and open an own independent franchise enterprise. It is  possible to work in a mobile network / pay fees to independent fitness clubs, train clients outdoors and inhome or starting with a ROYAL PRIVATE COACH personal training studio, health or fitness club. Our Personal Trainers will get full support and the best of our experience , contracts, coaching and success concepts. In the third year, it will be possible to become HEAD TEACHER and open an own academy. Leading Characters of the fitness field who have experience in team leadership can also start direct after passing a profound examination in the beginning.

The main focus of this unique 1:1 training system are holistic personal training strategies and superior customer services. The certification includes annual online checks, trainer manual and customer surveys. We provide a full selection of choices to support every individual person, background and level:



Leading Personalities of Fitness Industry and Personal Trainers with profound Experience in Team Leadership have the opportunity to start as Head Coaches after their first CERTIFICATION EXAM (Training + Know How + Basic Background Finance and Team Leadership) and select their own Freelance Team, work as independent entrepreneur.  ROYAL PRIVATE COACH is supposed to be a WE PROJECT


2) START AS Personal Trainer in your city

If you want to start as a Personal Trainer at Royal Private Coach


START >     introduction / getting together / practical test

* anamnesis, organisation, concept of training

* expertise > exzellent coachings with clients

* pr > image text, making pictures for representation

* process > ability to work independently


1st year >   Certification "ROYAL PRIVATE COACH" / PRACTICAL TEST

* best results and feed backs from clients

* organisation qualities

* unique and authentic selection of training methods


2nd year >   Certification "HEAD COACH" / THEORETICAL TEST

* entitlement to open own RPC Enterprise

* rigths to use RPC concepts, webpage, documents, contracts, trademarks, logos, etc. 

* access to our network

* support with your "start up" in a new city > SEO internet marketing, webpage, first steps, advertising, etc.

* qulities in economics and leadership, team development and management, organisation

*  head coach will get  higher hourly rates / income



* master coach can open own academy for personal trainers and health experts 

* master coach can open master franchise system in different states / countries