Personal Trainer Emmanouil

Emmanouil (int. Personal Trainer Athens)

Being a competitive athlete for 20 years, always striving for excellence and the ancient Greek fitness ideal, I discover multiple ways of reaching my targets and achieving my goals. This gave me the opportunity to understand body’s function in praxis and later on in theory through my studies in Greek Association of Fitness Studies. Started as personal trainer and through passion and research, transform to life coach and fitness instructor with a holistic approach of healing and boosting. I’m enjoying spreading the knowledge of healthy well-being life style and assisting people achieving their fitness, wellness and competitive goals. My tehniques include functional training, tactics planning for detox & strength growth, nutritional advice & planning, hormonal balance approach, pineal gland decalcification, psychological motivation, anti-cancer remedies, supplementation planning, quantum chinese & ayuverdic herbal support, personal training and rehabilitation.

I’m currently living and training with lot of fun in Barcelona, studying for the natural physician certification and amplifying my skills and knowledge on speed, agility & strength techniques. Ready to offer my services for personal or group training according to your requirements.

Speaking languages : Greek, English